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Chronic Nuisance
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The Chronic Nuisance program is an extension of, and in addition to, code enforcement.

In the past, properties would be cited, taken to a special master hearing and then fines would run…and run…and run. 

Sometimes accumulating to a total much larger than what the property was actually worth. Now there is an alternative.

Before a property is designated a Chronic Nuisance, the following must happen:
     1. The police department has responded to 3 or more nuisance activities in 30 days or 7 or more within 6 months; or
     2. Failure to correct code violations in the time ordered by the Special Magistrate.
The Properties are now taken to a hearing and instead of fines, a service order is issued allowing the city to perform chronic nuisance services, billing the owner for the costs.
Should the bill go unpaid, it will be assessed to the property taxes, thereby insuring that the city recovers monies spent.
If there is a property in your neighborhood, you think may qualify, please do not hesitate to call the Chronic Nuisance team of Laura, John, Joe or Valcia.

(There are other ways for a property to be deemed a chronic nuisance, but these are the 2 most common.)

A property owner has 15 days to provide the city with an adequate action plan.

Should a Declaration of Nuisance be upheld at a hearing, a service order is issued allowing the city to perform the required services to the property and charge the owner for those services.