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Prizes will be distributed at the Vision Zero Community Safety Fair.

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The purpose of the study was to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the City’s current race- and gender-neutral practices and the need for continuation and/or development of new strategies to incorporate minorities and women into these practices.

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Certificate of Occupancy

The following items must be completed before a Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.
  1. Job is to be completely finished per approved plans and specifications on file for C.O.
  2. Code compliance affidavit (see attached) is to be signed and in this office from the special inspector or resident inspector before C.O. is issued.
  3. Fire alarm is to be tested and approved by the Fire Marshal's office.
  4. A letter must be received from the testing lab certifying that the water for the project has passed the bacteriological tests.
  5. Check all compliance of City Commission ordinances on RPD and CPD zoning where applicable. The Planning and Zoning Divisions will require a final inspection to make sure that all items are completed before a C.O. can be issued.
  6. Building address and/or numbers affixed to the building (suite or apartment numbers included).
  7. All landscaping is to be finished per plans and City codes.
  8. All handicapped requirements are to be completed (signs, ramps, parking spaces, restrooms, etc).
  9. All shop drawings, revisions, asbuilts, are to be approved by the City before C.O.
  10. Graded for positive drainage from building.
  11. All label doors are to be installed and labeled accordingly, with applicable closers.
  12. All construction work trailers, materials and signs are to be removed at time of C.O.
  13. Neighboring or surrounding sites and properties are to be cleared of construction material, and a letter from same, approving the existing condition, must be submitted to the Construction Services Department.
  14. A letter is to be furnished from the engineer stating that the paving and drainage was installed per plans and specifications on file.
  15. All subcontractors (plumbing, mechanical and electrical), as well as fire, are required to call in and have their final C.O. inspection by the City.
  16. All underground utility contractors are required to have their final inspections and submit a letter from the project engineer certifying the work was installed per plans before a C.O. can be issued.
  17. All construction and leasing signs are to be removed at time of C.O. and permits secured on future signs.
  18. Remove all banners (violation of sign codes).
  19. Letter is to be received from the engineer certifying that the stairs pressurization test has been approved by him.
  20. All elevators and lifts as defined in Chapter 399 Florida Statutes shall have a state elevator final inspection, with a copy of state certificate of each in this office.
  21. All required letters are to be either signed and notarized or signed and sealed.
  22. Property line survey pins are required at the time of C.O. to verify that all construction (landscaping) was installed within the property.
  23. No building(s) shall be stocked with furniture/merchandise prior to the issuance of a C.O.
  24. All parking spaces (lines) are to be double white, with all accessible parking spaces marked per attached detail.
  25. All City sidewalks, new or existing, that are broken are to be replaced.
  26. Inspector's final daily reports and code compliance affidavit are to be furnished to the Construction Services Department.