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City of West Palm Beach Announces Community Budget Workshops

Mayor Jeri Muoio and City Commissioners invite West Palm Beach residents and members of the public to participate in a series of Community Budget Workshops.

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West Palm Beach Building Division Earns Distinguished IAS Accreditation

West Palm Beach Building Division has just been accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS), signifying that the department has been evaluated for its technical competence, quality of service and met recognized standards of the building industry.

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Engineering Forms, Permits & Applications

Below are links to many of the forms, permits and applications you may need from the Department of Engineering and Public Works.

Engineering Right-of-Way Permits:

Right-of-Way Permit Search
Right-of-Way Application
Right-of-Way Construction Standards Manual
Right-of-Way Permit Extension
Right-of-Way Application Renewal
Sidewalk Cafe Application
Traffic Calming Application
Tree Permit Guidance


Planning Services:

Public Utilities:

Backflow: Cross-Connection Control Manual


Engineering Development Forms:

Application Affidavit Ownership Disclosure
Approved Materials List
Auto Calc Certified Construction Cost Estimate
Bidders Bond
Development Approval Application
Easement Abandonment Application
Easement Utilization Application
Fee Directory
Final Record Drawing Requirements
Final Release Lein - Contractor
Final Release Lein - Subcontractor
Hurricane Preparation Procedures for ROW

Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Letter of Intent Form SB03
Leinors Affidavit -  Final Payment - Contractor
Non Conforming Driveway Agreement
Partial Release Lein - Contractor
Partial Release Lein - Sub Contractor
Paver Driveway Agreement
Performance Bond Improvements
Public Construction Bond FRM030714
Roundabout Typical
Statement of Small Business Participation
Surety Release Checklist
Sub-contractor Utilization Report - Instructions No Releases
Sub-contractor Utilization Report - Instructions With Releases
Sub-consultant Utilization Report
Unity of Title Application
Utility Conveyance Requirements
Utility Release Contact Information
Warranty Bond Improvement

Engineering Standards Details:

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Traffic Calming:

Traffic Calming Application