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West Palm Beach brings Healthcare to the Workplace

Employee and Family Health Center Saves Taxpayers $5.5 million

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West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio Signs City of Kindness Mayors Pledge

“Signing the Kindness Pledge is a first step toward changing the culture of our City and our community in a very positive way,” said Mayor Muoio.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
A Geographic Information System (GIS) is created by combining hardware, software and people together capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting data having spatial components (geographically referenced data). This technology has enabled users and non users alike to make decisions based on information not easily understood by text only data formats.
GIS has played an integral role in the expansion and maintenance of city infrastructure. They have done this by keeping accurate records of assets, with the development of the city’s environmental and natural resources, implementation of emergency management processes and assuring the quality of service provided.
The GIS Department’s duties include but are not limited to:
  • Accurate and timely dissemination of information using standardized mapping techniques.
  • Conducting necessary data analysis on both internal and external work request.
  • Performing continual data maintenance with the use of various GIS software tools.
  • Utilizing mobile equipment to correct and record precise Global Positioning System (GPS) location coordinate information.
  • Reviewing and the making of corrections to tabular data and physical features such as: fiber optics, city buildings, cemeteries, roads and city infrastructure.
  • Producing map layouts of existing water facilities, digitizing new as-built plans; while also assisting various city departments with a host of other GIS-related needs.
The City of West Palm Beach GIS staff is easily accessible and ready to serve, with the goal of providing the highest quality service possible using the industry’s most advanced technology.