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The Watergoat can collect hundreds of pounds of trash every rain cycle.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (March 15, 2018)—The City of West Palm Beach Department of Public Utilities Stormwater Drainage team has installed a new pollution control device to help collect trash in the drainage system and reduce impacts to local waterways. A Watergoat device was installed at the Stubb Canal, on Parker Avenue south of Okeechobee Boulevard, to capture the trash and debris fed by the stormwater drainage system around neighboring CityPlace, Tamarind Avenue, and the surrounding industrial complexes. A Watergoat is a nylon net formed around a floating barrier around a storm drain’s outlet. The Watergoat can collect up to hundreds of pounds of trash every rain cycle.  

When items like cigarettes, plastic bottles, plastic bags and other trash are littered, they are carried by wind and rain into the storm drains and then pollute local waterways. The Watergoat will collect trash washing in from stormwater drains on surrounding streets and capture the pollution until Stormwater employees can remove the debris for proper disposal. This device will prevent trash and debris from entering other parts of the stormwater system and reduce potential impacts to the Lake Worth Lagoon and the ocean from marine debris.  

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website, "there is no place on Earth immune to this problem. A majority of the trash and debris that covers our beaches comes from storm drains and sewers, as well as from shoreline and recreational activities such as picnicking and beach going." On top of the overall benefit to the environment, reduced marine pollution also benefits both tourists and area residents who enjoy local beaches.  

For more information about the Watergoat device, please visit: http://www.watergoat.org/watergoat.html. The City of West Palm Beach Stormwater Drainage Division is responsible for capturing and conveying the drainage runoff throughout the City. For more information, please visit: http://wpb.org/Departments/Public-Utilities/Our-Divisions/Stormwater-Drainage-Division.