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Road and dock closures taking place around the City of West Palm Beach.

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WPB Mayor Keith James Announces Competitive Bidding for City Security Contract

Mayor James announces that the City's security contract, recently awarded to PSC, will now go out to bid.

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Q. How do I file a complaint?
  • A. There are many ways to file a complaint with the Code Compliance Division. You can call the City’s hotline at 561-822-2222, which is monitored 24 hours a day. You can call the Code office at 561-822-1465. If you know which officer covers your neighborhood, you can call or e-mail them directly. You could even send us a letter.

Q. What do I do if I receive a violation?
  • A. Contact the code officer. The officer's name and number should be on the violation. You can start working on compliance immediately. Many of the violations are self explanatory, such as overgrowth, or paint exterior of structure, but if you need guidance the code officer will answer any questions you may have. Make sure if you comply with all the violations on the notice that you contact the code officer and set up a re-inspection.
Q. How do I get a lien payoff?
Q. What does the status of my case mean?
  • A. Cases can have the following statuses;
    • 1 - Finding of Fact (The case is complied, but a magistrate has found that a violation did exist)
    • A - Action Plan (The property has been declared a chronic nuisance and the owner has submitted an Action Plan)
    • C - Closed/Complied (The violations are complied and the case is closed)
    • F - Foreclosed (The lien has been foreclosed)
    • H - HCD (The City's Housing and Community Development Dept is working with the owner)
    • L - Liened (The property is liened)
    • N - Chronic Nuisance (The property has been declared a chronic nuisance)
    • O - Open
    • P - Foreclosure Pending (A lis pendens has been filed by the lender)
    • S - Sent to Special Magistrate (The case is scheduled for a hearing)
    • V - Adjudicated/Complied (The case went before a magistrate and was eventually complied)
    • W - Adjudicated (Case has gone to a hearing)
    • X - Service Order (The Special Magistrate has authorized the City to provide chronic nuisance services)

Q. How do I do a property search for code violations?
  • A. To do a property search for code violations, please click here.  Once on the site, click on the code enforcement tab. Input the address of the property, then click on each case number to check the status. Look under Inspections/Events Details for the most recent details.