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$15,000 dollars of recaptured meter time revenue goes to the Department of Housing and Community Development.

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The art installation of five separate sculptures will adorn five landmark locations into the City.

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Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee

Meets: Second (2nd) Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM, in the Parks & Recreation Conference Room on the 3rd floor of City Hall.
Description: Composed of 9 members.
Purpose: Addresses all matters affecting the City’s parks, open spaces, and recreational programs.
Contact: Leah Rockwell
Phone Number: 561-804-4904
Current Members of this Board:
Douglass, Perry
Goldberger, Matthew
MacLean, Todd
Odum, Michael R. - Chair
Peterson III, Carl E.
Renne, Kara
Sned, Patricia J. - Vice Chair
Taylor, Jacqueline E.

PRAC Agenda Items and Meeting Minutes for 2019 can be found below. Agenda items and meeting minutes will be available up to one week prior to the next scheduled meeting.
January Agenda Items Meeting Minutes
February Agenda Items Meeting Minutes
March Agenda Items Meeting Minutes
April Agenda Items Meeting Minutes
May Agenda Items  

PRAC Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes, and the Annual Report to City Commission for 2018.
January Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
February Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
March Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
April Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
May Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
June Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
July Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
August Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
September Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
October Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
October Special Meeting
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Special Agenda Items, Special Meeting Minutes
November Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
December Agenda Items, Meeting Minutes
The City Code, Secs. 58–51(c), states that:
  • As often as necessary, but no less than semi-annually, in the months of February and August, the parks and recreation advisory committee shall provide a report to the city commission containing any recommendations, observations, concerns or other information the parks and recreation advisory committee deems is in the best interest of the public regarding parks and open spaces. 
In accordance with this code, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee submitted the annual report to the City commission on Monday, October 22, 2018. A copy of the report has been provided below. 
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Annual Report to City Commission