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Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Services
Bid Number:
Bid Type:
Due Date:
5/5/2016 3:00:00 PM
Josephine Grosch, Sir. Purchasing Agent, Dir: 561-822-2107
Question Cutoff:
4/18/2016 5:00:00 PM
Question Email Recipient:
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RFP No. 15-16-213, Commercial Parking Garage Cleaning Services


Schedule Hours
Contact: Susan Goldberg
RFP 15-16-213 defines scheduled hours by location for the base bid but does not note if these are minimum, maximum or suggested hours. Please clarify
Special Event Hours
Contact: Susan Goldberg
RFP 15-17-213 does not address hours for special events that exceed the scheduled hours by garage nor does it address extra hours or OT hours requested by the city. How will city reimburse contractor for extra hours to cover incremental cleaning for special events or OT requested by the city?
Living Wage Requirements
Contact: Susan Goldberg
RFP #15-16-213 does not reference living wage requirements or provisions to adjust pricing in order to comply with potential changes to federal, state, country or municipal minimum wage increases. How should this specific matter be addressed in the pricing schedule?
Annual Escalator for Labor
Contact: Susan Goldberg
Will city accept an annual escalator for labor and expenses to allow for normal wage and supplier price increases in the service contract? If the bid is to be a fixed price over the contract term, will an escalator for labor and supplies be accepted for any contract extension years?
Alternate Pricing and/or Scope of Work
Contact: Susan Goldberg
In addition to the base service requirements in RFP 15-16-213, will alternate pricing or scope of work proposals be considered by the city?
Alternate Proposals
Contact: Susan Goldberg
In addition to proposals for required services, will WPB Procurement Department accept alternate proposals for required services in RFP #15-16-213 from bidders? If alternate proposals are acceptable, please provide guidance or documents required by WPB for bidders to submit alternate proposal(s)?
Scope of Services Differences Definition
Contact: Susan Goldberg
Scope of Services in RFP #15-16-213 requires "hose down", "wash down", "pressure washing" and "deep clean" services. In order to meet RFP specifications, please define the differences in the required services.
Power Sweeping
Contact: Thais
When you state power sweeping, the truck is responsible to sleep all floors of garage?
Weekly Lot Wash
Contact: Thais
Is weekly lot wash pressure cleaning of lot? Pressure cleaning of lot is stated to be quarterly, so I was wondering what washing lot weekly would be.
Weekly Ramp Wash
Contact: Thais
Is weekly ramp wash pressure cleaning? Pressure cleaning of entire garage stated to be quarterly, so I was wondering if ramp washing is something different.
Pressure Washing
Contact: Thais
Commercial washers are usually 4200 PSI, so should pressure cleaning be a separate item on the bid sheet since it will use up the hours?
Confirm Drain Termination Points
Contact: Susan Goldberg
RFP #15-16-213 General Terms and Conditions (item #23) states contractors shall fully comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. To assure compliance with ordinances set by the WPB Storm Water Drainage Division and WPBDUP Wastewater Management, please provide written confirmation or drawings of all drain termination points in garages and parking lots in order to specifically identify storm drain connections and sanitary drain connections.
Confirm Drainage Infrastructure
Contact: Susan Goldberg
To assure compliance with WPB Wastewater Management guidelines related to FOG, can WPB Procurement provide confirmation or documentation that oil/water separators and sand/grit intercepts are installed and functioning in all parking garages and surface lots?
Access to Water
Contact: Susan Goldberg
It has been noted that there is no access to water for required pressure washing, required hose down, wash down at surface lots noted in RFP #15-160213. Which City of West Palm Beach parking garage will contractors access water to transport to parking lots for required cleaning?
Waster Water Discharge
Contact: Susan Goldberg
To assure compliance with general terms and conditions (item #23) specifically for federal, state, and local waste water pollutant discharge limits, please provide a copy of the waiver, exception or variance to any ordinance which allows waste water discharge to WPB Wastewater Management sanitary system for the required services?


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