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Employee Benefits Insurance
Bid Number:
Bid Type:
Due Date:
3/15/2016 3:00:00 PM
Procurement Dept, call 561-822-2100
Question Cutoff:
2/26/2016 5:00:00 PM
Question Email Recipient:
Awarded To:



ITN 15-16-502 Employee Benefit Insurance with PB comments
Product 1 - Disruption Analysis
Product 1 - Large Claimant Detail
Product 1 - Medical Claims Experience
Product 1 - Medical Summary of Benefits
Product 1-9 - Employee Census - Updated
Product 2 - Disruption Analysis
Product 2 - Large Claimant Detail
Product 2 - Medical Claims Experience
Product 2 - Medical Summary of Benefits
Product 3 - Dental Benefit Summary
Product 3 - Disruption Analysis
Product 4 - Dental Benefit Summary
Product 4 - Dental Claims Experience
Product 4 - Dental Disruption Analysis
Product 5 - Vision benefit Summary
Product 5 - Vision Claims Experience
Product 6_7_8 - Claims Experience
Product 6_7_8 - Life Policy Document
Product 6_7_8 - LTD Policy Document
Product 6_7_8 - Pending Claims
Product 6_7_8 - Waiver Claims
Product 9 - EAP Benefit Document
Product 9 - EAP Utilization Report


Dental Disruption
Contact: Ken Mahler
1) Please provide more detailed disruption data for the PPO plan to include the amount of claims, by provider, indicating if the provider is in-network or out-of-network.
bid 15-16-502
Contact: Shauna Whittingham
The following were not attached, please send. 1. Vision Census 2. Vision Experience Thank you
Contact: Ashley
1. Please confirm if the current arrangement is a “fully insured participating” contract or a “fully insured minimum premium” contract?
Contact: Ashley
4. Being that this appears to be an experience rated program, please confirm if there are any capitated services running through as a claim, i.e. behavioral health, Med Solutions high tech radiology, lifestyle management/coaching programs?
Contact: Ashley
5. How will capitation be evaluated in the scoring process for financials, as a fixed cost or a claims cost?
Contact: Ashley
8. Do you have a current wellness budget? If so, who funds the budget, the City or Cigna?
Contact: Gerri Pane
Do you have the attachments that we are to fill out in a Word documents, so that we can type the information on the form or do we hand write the answers on the documents? Particularly the following forms: 1. Schedule of Benefits 2. Proposer Information 3. Representations and Disclosures 4. Form SB01
Form SB01
Contact: Gerri Pane
We are only bidding on the EAP portion of the ITN. If we do not have other small businesses participating on this project, do we still fill out what we can on this form or do we include a page stating this information?
Re:Small Business (SB) Policy
Contact: Maisa Benjamin
In regards to the current programs what are the current and potential services requested?
Re:Small Business (SB) Policy
Contact: Maisa Benjamin
The RFP states, “In accordance with the SB Ordinance, a goal for SB participation has been set on this ITN in the minimum amount of 15% of the total contract value.” Could you confirm whether the 15% small business goal is in relation to the administrative cost associated with this contract, or if it is 15% of the entire value of the contract?
Contact: Ashley
Can you please send the total number of elected officials? Current & projected.
Please refer to Addendum No. 1.
ITN 15-16-502-Re:Small Business (SB) Policy
Contact: Maisa Benjamin
Regarding small business participation, can you tell us what services (if any) are being provided under the current M/D/V contracts? Is there a specific list of services you would like to see provided under this upcoming contract?
III. Evaluation Factors, #1
Contact: Maisa Benjamin
Page 3, Section III. Evaluation Factors, #1 – Responsiveness of the proposal related to the scope of work. Is this item related to a specific section in the proposal. I did not see a section labeled as “scope of work”, can we have clarification on what this is referring to.
Benefit Proposal for Product#9
Contact: Gerri Pane
What TAB should our responses for Exhibit G go under?


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Cigna Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company chanda.goddard@cigna.com
George Eppl Florida Blue george.eppl@bcbsfl.com
MetLife MetLife wlamb@metlife.com
Florida Combined Life Florida Combined Life Insurance Company dana.kovaleski@fclife.com
BenRx BenRx wayne.yingling@benrx.com
LifeStages Retirement Planning/Clarity Enrollment Solutions, LifeStages Retirement Planning susan@lifestagesretirement.com
EyeMed EyeMed shauna.whittingham@eyemed.com
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Assurant Employee Benefits Assurant Employee Benefits ken.mahler@assurant.com
MetLife MetLife sboswell@metlife.com
The Hartford The Hartford Group Benefits denise.clayton@thehartford.com
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Deer Oaks EAP Services Deer Oaks EAP Services proposal1@deeroaks.com
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