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Water Treatment Plant UV System and Related Infrastructure
Bid Number:
Bid Type:
Due Date:
6/2/2016 3:00:00 PM
Patricia Armstrong
April 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM - WTP Conference Room - 1009 Banyan Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL - MANDATORY
Question Cutoff:
5/9/2016 5:00:00 PM
Question Email Recipient:
Awarded To:
Poole & Kent Company of Florida



ITB 15-16-117 Schedule of Bid Items
ITB 15-16-117 WTP UV System Improvements Technical Specifications
ITB 15-16-117 WTP UV System Drawings
ITB 15-16-117 WTP UV System and Related Infrastructure
ITB 15-16-117 April 28 Site Visit
ITB 15-16-117 May 2 Site Visit
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Project Budget/Engineer's Estimate
Contact: Dawn Bragg
Do you have a budget/engineer's estimate for this project?
Schedule of Bid items
Contact: Carolyn Sullivan
The City has included as part of the attachments a document entitled Schedule of Bid Items. However, the technical specifications has also included a schedule of Bid items. These documents do not match. Which one should be utilized?
Contact: Carolyn Sullivan
On page 40 91 00-2 , Paragraph F states that each bidder shall include with the Bid a Certification with specified wording from the selected Instrumentation Supplier. However, such documentation is not mentioned in the bid documents. Is the bidder required to provide the certification with their bid?
UV Supplier
Contact: Carolyn Sullivan
On page 46 66 13-3 Paragraph 1.5A states that the contractor shall submit with their bid information that the UV supplier has given them. The paragraph goes on the specify the four documents that need to be provided in the bid. However, since the City has specified two suppliers and also stated that “No or equals” will be accepted and these documents are not discussed in the bidding instructions, does the Bidder need to supply this information with their bid?
PAC Instrumentation
Contact: Carolyn Sullivan
In the specifications for the main bid, the City has listed three instrumentation companies. However, in the specifications for the PAC Alternate, no instrumentation companies are listed. Is the bidder allowed to utilize any instrumentation company?
Contact: Bob Barrington
VFD's are specified in 26 29 23 1.1.A1 but specification 43 20 00 1.1.D say's the pump supplier is to furnish. Who is to furnish the VFD's?
Pump Questions - Section 43 20 00
Contact: Tyler Tedcastle
I have a few questions on the General Pump Specification 43 20 00. 1) Item 1.2.B.4 : Item requires calcs for the anchor bolt and baseplate calcs to be signed by a FL PE. Would a Maryland PE Stamp be allowed? The factory is located in MD. 2) Item 2.1.B.3: Item requires the rated HP to be 110% greater than the max power. For the VTP, the max power is 284HP and the spec requires a 300HP. This requirement would require upsizing the motors to 350HP. Would the engineer consider waving this requirement? 3) Item 2.1.B.3 - Please clarify if both vertical and horizontal pumps need NSF 61 Certification. 4) Please advise the motor enclosure and voltage requirements for the HSC pumps, if there is a motor AVL, and clarify which specifications should apply to the both the VTP and HSC specs.
Pump Questions - Section 43 20 00
Contact: Tyler Tedcastle
I have a few additional questions for the pumps: 1) 43 20 00 2.5.A.4.a says it is acceptable to test with one job VFD and job motor. This section also references Item 2.5.3, which requires testing with the completely assembled project pump, motor and VFD. Does the testing need to be conducted with one job motor/VFD of each type, or with the job assembled drives? 2) 43 24 13,2.3.A: Item requires the vibration transmitters to be provided by the motor supplier and refers to section 40 91 14- Vibration Monitoring Systems. Section 40 91 14 says the transmitters will be provided by the contractor. Please clarify who supposed to supply this.
Contact: Patricia Armstrong
Will Ebaa Megalug model1100 or equal be allowed as method of restraint for buried MJ valves.
Contact: Patricia Armstrong
Will Ebaa Megalug model1100 or equal be allowed as method of restraint for buried MJ valves.
PAC Basin Pumps
Contact: Tyler Tedcastle
I have the following questions in regards to the refurbishment of the Pumps for the PAC Basin Project Issued in Addendum 1: 1) 43 21 15 2.3.A.1, Please provide the new pump length required. The table in Part B does not state this. 2) 43 21 15 3.3.C1&2, is the to have the existing pump bowl and column piping blasted and coated? We intend on replacing the bowl assembly and a column. Shall the existing pump bowl and column pipe still be cleaned, painted, and sent back to the customer? Specifications are not clear if the bowl and column are to be refurbished or replaced. Please confirm. 3) 43 21 15 3.5.B.1.a, please confirm which components are to be hydrotested. 4) 43 21 15 3.6.B.3, please confirm the four points for testing are to be taken during the POR. 5) Is it possible to get a copy of the existing pump curve? 6) Does this pump need to meet NSF 61 Certification?


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