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Property and Casualty Insurance Broker Services
Bid Number:
Bid Type:
Due Date:
12/19/2017 3:00:00 PM
Josephine Grosch, Sir. Purchasing Agent, Dir. 561-822-2107
Question Cutoff:
12/8/2017 6:00:00 PM
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Bid - RFP No. 17-18-204


Prior Bid Package
Contact: Tyrone Shelton
Hi, Could you please post a complete Bid package of the winning recipient of the previous contract offer including what the amount of the final offer was please? Thanks
Insurance Summary
Contact: Felipe Garcia
Can the City provide an insurance summary (limits, retentions, premiums, etc) for all your coverages that are part of the Scope of Service for this RFP?
Current Broker Compensation
Contact: Felipe Garcia
Can you please confirm the structure of the current broker compensation including total amount; if broken up by coverage types, what that looks like?
Clarification Questions
Contact: Jonathan Rivera
1. What will be the assigned points/value for each of the 8 evaluation factors? 2. How quickly will the City staff respond to questions/release addenda? Questions are due on December 8th with Responses due on December 19th. A difference of 6 business days between the two. 3. What is the estimated timeline of events after responses are due?
Current Contract
Contact: Rodney Louis
Would you please provide an executed copy of the currently active Property and Casualty Insurance Broker Services Contract
Loss History
Contact: Tony Abella
Could you please provide 5 year loss history.
Loss Control / Safety Training Services
Contact: Tony Abella
Is your insurance broker currently providing you with loss control services? If so, how many days/hours are you receiving? Are these services included in the Annual Brokerage Fee or Fees for Additional Services?
Commissions Payable to wholesale brokers and/or intermediaries
Contact: Tony Abella
The Scope of Services states “No coverage shall be placed by the Broker with the City that allows the broker to receive a commission or fee. Prior written notification by the Broker to the City shall be required before any coverage is placed in any market that would allow a commission or fee to the Broker.” Does this also apply to intermediaries or wholesale brokers that may be owned by the broker or by the broker's parent company? If non-owned/affiliated intermediaries are utilized, are they permitted to be compensated on a commission basis? How are these situations being treated under the current agreement?


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