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WPB Recaptured Meter Time Revenue Donated to Support Homelessness Prevention Initiatives

$15,000 dollars of recaptured meter time revenue goes to the Department of Housing and Community Development.

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The art installation of five separate sculptures will adorn five landmark locations into the City.

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Scoop the Poop
Hi, my name is Tulip and we need to talk!

Unsightly, smelly, a breeding ground for germs and disease, and a huge hassle on the soles of our shoes, dog poop is an undesirable feature in any neighborhood.

DID YOU KNOW...a single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria that can cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal disorders and kidney problems?  This can be a health hazard to humans!

Of all the chores done by pet owners, the least enjoyable is cleaning up their pet's waste. A necessary task, it is important to dispose of waste promptly and properly. Viruses, bacteria and parasites can be spread in the yard or neighborhood areas used for eliminations. Feces attract flies and other insects, damages lawns, make walking hazardous, and just plain smells bad.
There are a variety of products that have been developed to make the collection process easier. A visit to your local pet supply store or retailer will surprise you with many options.

Thank you for participating in this community effort!