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Teens Unite! is a series of free events that was created as part of the Mayor’s Village Initiative to provide a positive environment for youth ages 12 to 18.
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (August 16, 2018) –  The City of West Palm Beach (www.wpb.org) closes summer with two successful, free summer events under the Mayor’s Village Initiative umbrella. The City received more than 1,200 visits from youth from the Historic Northwest, Coleman Park and Pleasant City communities who participated in Teens Unite! and the Kids & Cops Workshop.
Teens Unite! is an event hosted by the City in collaboration with several youth development programs and community centers. The event took place every Saturday from June 9th to July 28th at different community centers in the north end of the city, such as Gaines Park Community Center, Coleman Park Community Center, Youth Empowerment Center, Police Athletic League, Salvation Army Northwest Community Center, and the Boys & Girls Club.
“We always look for ways to engage with our youth. Teens Unite! was created to bring together young men and women across the City. We are pleased with the amount of youth who came to socialize at the event,” expressed Kevin Jones, City of West Palm Beach Coordinator of Community Initiatives in the office of Mayor Jeri Muoio. “We want to continue to provide activities that promote a safe and positive environment for our community.”
Teens Unite! is a series of free events that was created as part of the Mayor’s Village Initiative to provide a positive environment for youth ages 12 to 18 and from different parts of the community to gather during the summer months and enjoy free pro-social activities, such as dance parties, pool parties, video games, movies, basketball, and talent showcases.
Mayor Jeri Muoio created the Mayor’s Village Initiative with the focus on creating opportunities and reducing violence of African American boys and young men in the City. This year, the City was selected to participate in Cities United’s Roadmap Academy, a year-long engagement that will help expand the vision of developing a comprehensive public safety plan for the Historic Northwest, Coleman Park, and Pleasant City communities.
Another program included in the Mayor’s Village Initiative is the Kids & Cops Workshop – a six-week dialogue event between African American boys and West Palm Beach Police officers. The purpose of the dialogue was to provide the opportunity for teenage boys and police officers from different backgrounds to discuss tough topics, develop trust, and understand each other’s experiences.
From June 11th to July 16th, five police officers and ten young men participated in the discussions, where they worked together to find solutions and build positive relationships between the police and the community. The final three project choices were: Creating a 1:1 mentoring program with a police officer and young man; a game day between officers and youth at the Youth Empowerment Center; and a ‘Meet & Greet’ where a meal is served while interacting with the cops that serve the Pleasant City community.
“The programs offered through the Mayor’s Village Initiative are designed to expose our youth to opportunities and experiences that will make a positive impact in their lives,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “We believe in the importance of youth development and the relationship between youths and our community leaders. Our aim is to continue creating initiatives that help build a stronger and more positive community for our residents.”
For more information about Teens Unite!, Kids & Cops Workshop, and the Mayor’s Village Initiative, please contact Kevin Jones at (561) 822-1413 or kljones@wpb.org
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