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Sculpting begins for City of West Palm Beach's World Famous Holiday Sand Tree

Visitors are invited to watch as "Sandi" begins to take shape.

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West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James Honors Sanitation Employees with the City’s STAR Award

Mayor James honors employees for their recent display of bravery and quick-thinking.

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WPB Mayor Keith James Announces Competitive Bidding for City Security Contract
Mayor James announces that the City's security contract, recently awarded to PSC, will now go out to bid.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (October 15, 2019) – West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James announces that the City’s security contract, recently awarded to PSC, will now go out to bid. The Mayor’s decision came after new information about the selection process was brought forward to him by Interim City Administrator Faye Johnson. At the Mayor’s direction last week, Ms. Johnson began an extensive review of the City’s process of selecting PSC. This review was based on Ms. Johnson’s years of extensive training and experience.

“New information obtained by Interim City Administrator Faye Johnson leads me to believe that we need to take a fresh look at the process for selecting the security provider and put the contract out to bid,” said Mayor James. “The public’s trust and confidence in the contract selection process and in their city government is paramount. I look forward to the process playing out, in the interest of full transparency and to ensure the contract is above reproach. I am genuinely grateful to Ms. Johnson for her review.”

This review of the security contract is the first of several reviews to be conducted by Ms. Johnson, who Mayor James appointed Interim City Administrator on October 9, 2019. At Mayor James’ direction, Ms. Johnson will also review several City processes, procedures, and contracts.