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Welcome to the West Palm Beach CRA

The West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency is a local government agency that works in collaboration with residents, property owners, businesses, developers and other community organizations to foster redevelopment within the CRA Districts. Among our priorities include public safety, beautification, streetscape and infrastructure improvements, economic development, affordable housing, business incentives, marketing and special events, and historic preservation. Nationally known as one of the most innovative and effective Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) in the country, the West Palm Beach CRA is setting the standard for redevelopment.

The Downtown/City Center CRA District created value with key public/private partnerships like CityPlace. Innovative partnering with the WPB Downtown Development Authority (DDA) led to Clematis Street being named as one of America's top streets. Historic preservation is closely valued in the scope of our redevelopment initiatives, with imaginative planned destinations like the Sunset Lounge and Jazz Park in the historic Northwest neighborhood being one of our most anticipated new projects, currently in development. The area is approximately 1,399 acres in size. 

In the Northwood/Pleasant City CRA District, our award-winning marketing and branding campaigns, events and incentive programs transformed Northwood Village. The CRA created the infrastructure for what became Merry Place and increased home-ownership in Pleasant City. We're currently developing the framework that will allow significant public sector development in the Currie mixed-use district and working on increasing walkability and development potential along Broadway.  The area is approximately 940 acres in size.