Notice of Rebuild Florida General Planning Support Submission

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The City of West Palm Beach will submit a proposal to the following State of Florida Resilience Grant program: Rebuild Florida General Planning Support Program (GPS)

Community Development Block Grant - Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funding


Comment period: July 16-July 31

Grant Proposal Budget $400,000


Project location is the north end of West Palm Beach along the intracoastal waterway that may include public parks in the northern end of West Palm Beach, including but may not be limited to Currie Park, Osprey Park and the Manatee Lagoon Center.


The project aims to engage the community on the topic of sea-level rise using immersive technology and identify preferred planning and engineering solutions to mitigate impacts.

Using interactive tools, such as virtual reality and 3D rendering, citizens and decision makers will experience the impacts of sea-level rise (SLR) in an area of their community with the goal of better analyzing future infrastructure investments. The community will be asked to provide input on and rate potential solutions.


Scope of Work

Tasks Strategies

Design and build The team will collaborate with researchers to produce an interactive virtual reality and/or 3D model of SLR impacts

Engage residents, business owners and decision makers A highly engaging, interactive virtual reality and/or 3D experience aims to increase awareness, knowledge and engagement with the sea-level rise impacts. Also, it aims to increase interest in adopting solutions

Present potential engineering solutions The community provides input on strategies to mitigate impacts to vital infrastructure, asks questions, examines alternatives

Discuss and rank preferences The community comments on solutions and rates the strategies in order of preference

Learn more Observe how citizens’ and decisionmakers’ interact with virtual reality and/or 3D experiences to influence their understanding and willingness to act on sea level rise

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