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Permits & Inspections


IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of 4/3/2020 you must have an appointment to meet with someone at City Hall. The Building Division will take appointments for next business day if deemed necessary. A drop-box is provided at the entrance of City Hall for those in-person customers who wish to drop-off permit applications. Inspections are ongoing but at the discretion of the inspector. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT (NOC): If you don't have a recorded NOC you will need to mail it to Clerk of PBC @ PO Box 4177 WPB FL 33402-4177 in order to schedule inspections. For more help with NOC recording call 561-355-2996.

Apply for a Permit Online See: How do I apply for a permit? below.  

Online Services including plan review comments, inspections, and payments:

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What is the status of my permit?
How do I pay for a permit online?
Where do I send my contractor registration, updates, or notice of commencement (NOC)?
How do I register as a contractor?
How do I appy for a permit?
How do I close an old or expired permit?
I received a stop work order. What do I do now?
How do I request a Certificate of Occupancy (CO)?
How do I schedule my inspection?
How do I find out who my inspector is?
What inspection do I need for my permit?
Inspectors' Contact Info and Codes
Do I need a permit?
Where can I find my plan review comments online?
How do I resubmit to address failed plan review comments?
Do you have a roofing affidavit?
More questions? Email us at (questions, contractor registration, updates, or NOC), (expired and open permit requests and questions), or (plan review status and resubmittals).