Traffic Count

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The City of West Palm Beach periodically conducts counts of traffic for select intersections and roadways across the city. Counts are collected over a multiple day period and are reported as Average Daily Traffic (ADT). 

What is AADT?
Annual Average Daily Traffic is the term used to show the average traffic volume in both directions on a section of road, adjusted for seasonal variation.

What is ADT?
Average Daily Traffic is the unadjusted, average number of vehicles passing in both directions at a specified location of a roadway.

What is 85th Percentile Speed?
The 85th Percentile speed means 85 percent of motorists travel at a specified location. The 85th percentile speed is typically used by transportation engineers as the basis for discussions.  Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has traffic data available on many of the City Streets. 

Access FDOT Traffic Count Data

To request a traffic count on  your street, contact 822-2222