Geographic Information Systems Overview

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Fast Facts

GIS stores, analyzes and presents complex data so users can easily understand difficult to understand information in a visual presentation.

GIS Department provides many services, among them are:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Map Creation
  • Geocoding

For more information, contact:

The City of West Palm Beach GIS Division
Phone number: 561-822-2222


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is created by combining hardware, software and people together capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, managing, and presenting data having spatial components (geographically referenced data). This technology has enabled users and non users alike to make decisions based on information not easily understood by text-only data formats.

The GIS Division has developed several interactive online mapping applications to share geospatial information as part of our commitment to better serve the city's citizens.  Some examples are the Parks and Recreation map which displays all of the city's public parks, and the Office of Sustainability map which displays electric vehicle charging stations, green businesses, and bike lanes.
What services do we provide?
Application Development
Data Analysis
Data Collection
Map Creation
Data Exports
Data Conversion
Asset Inventory
Data Creation