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  • Human Resources

    • How do I apply for a position at the City of West Palm Beach?

    • What is the job application process?

    • Who can I speak with to check on the status of my application?

    • Once I have submitted my application, when will I be contacted?

    • Can I fill out a paper application instead of the on-line application?

    • Do I always have to Register to complete the on-line application?

    • What do I click on if I can not remember if I have ever applied to the City of West Palm Beach?

    • Can I delete old jobs from my “jobs applied for” page?

    • What do I put in for the end date of my current job?

    • My spouse and I share an email account and he/she is already registered in iRecruitment, can I use the same email account?

    • Can I submit one application for more than one position?

    • Can I submit an application before the job is open?

    • If I do not have a personal computer at home, where can I apply?

    • Do I have to register to view job postings?