Audit Plans

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The Office of the Internal Auditor developed the FY2020 Annual Audit Plan using a risk based assessment, professional judgment, audit resource allocation and management requests for audits.

This Audit Plan is a planning tool to help ensure the best use of audit resources. As such, it is subject to change throughout the year as different needs arise. Post Audit status reports will be issued during the year for completed audits.

FY2020 Annual Audit Plan

  1. Public Utilities Billing
  2. Street Maintenance
  3. Permitting and Building Inspections
  4. Police Internal Affairs
  5. Engineering Project Management and Procurement
  6. Parking Data Exchange
  7. Police Specialized Investigative Operations

FY2020 Audits in Progress

  1. Consulting Services
  2. Community Redevelopment Agency
  3. Payroll and Overtime

This Audit Plan represents a flexible planning document. As such, some audits may not be conducted this year. Further, audits may be conducted which are not included in this document.