Alarm Permits and Ordinance Information

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Alarm User Fee

The City of West Palm Beach’s Alarm Ordinance requires that each alarm system (residential and non-residential) be registered with the city. The registration fee for an alarm system is $25.00. Registrations are effective for 12 months and are required to be renewed by the first day of the City’s fiscal year, on or before October 1 each year. The alarm registration shall be effective for a term of 1 year, which shall begin October 1 and will be valid through the following September 30.

Additionally, Resolution No. 323-05 provided changes as follows:
Requirement of alarm monitoring companies to provide an electronic file of ALL alarm users their company provides monitoring services to in the City limits of West Palm Beach by July 1 of each year.

Registration Process

Alarm permit registrations are non-transferable. If there is a change of ownership or tenant(s), the new alarm user has 30 days from the date of transfer to re-register the alarm and pay the initial permit registration fee of $25.00. Likewise, new or replacement alarm systems must also be registered within 30 days of installation. If any information supplied in any alarm registration has changed, the registered alarm user must notify the City of the change in writing within 30 days.

Failure of the alarm user to pay the annual $25.00 permit fee prior to a police response, will result in a penalty fee imposed in the amount of $50.00 for each false burglar alarm response by police until such permit is paid.

Alarm Registration Application

Contact Information

Alarm Registrations & False Alarm Fees
(561) 822-1940

Payment Locations for Alarm Permit Registrations:
NEW ACCOUNTS- Submit payments for new accounts to:

West Palm Beach Police Department
Alarm Services
600 Banyan Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Monday through Friday
8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m

Existing accounts and false alarm fees- Submit payments by mail to:

City of West Palm Beach
P.O. Box 3366
West Palm Beach, FL 33402

Types of Payment Accepted:

Cash (in person only)
Check (made payable to City of West Palm Beach)
Money Order (made payable to City of West Palm Beach)

False Alarm Service Fees

“False alarm service” is defined as a Police response to check a premise due to an unjustified activation of an alarm.

False alarm service fees are amended to reflect the true cost method of transferring expenses of police response and administrative costs to the user as follows:

POLICE Alarm Users:
1st false alarm response within a twelve-month period is free.
2nd false alarm response within a twelve-month period is free.
3rd false alarm response within a twelve-month period is $75.00.
4th false alarm response within a twelve-month period is $75.00.
5th false alarm response and all subsequent false alarm responses within a twelve-month period are $100.00.

Alarm users are reminded that the ordinance includes a provision allowing the City to initiate an action before the special master of the city to obtain compliance with this article and payment of service charges assessed by the city. The special master shall have the authority to place liens against properties having delinquent alarm accounts, and report delinquent alarm accounts to a contracted collection agency. This might not only affect a property owner’s credit standing, but also could allow the City to foreclose on mortgages of real property! Alarm users are encouraged to keep their alarm systems in good operating order, and their alarm accounts paid as up-to-date as possible. If you have any questions regarding the Alarm Ordinance, Alarm Registration, or Alarm Service Fee Billing, please feel free to call the Alarm Services Division at 561-822-1940 or e-mail us at

How to Cancel an Alarm Registration

To cancel your alarm registration (for example, if you move or discontinue service) mail or fax a signed cancellation form or letter to:

Cancel by Mail

West Palm Beach Police Department
Alarm Services
600 Banyan Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Cancel by Fax:

(561) 822-1893
Please include your name, address, alarm address (if different), telephone number and the reason for cancellation. E-mail and phone notifications are not acceptable because a signature is required.