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Environmental Management System

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The City of West Palm Beach Public Utilities Department strives to provide efficient, reliable and economical water, wastewater and storm water services. Protecting our water resources and preventing pollution is an important part of this mission.  Green image on yellow background. Image depcits three pillars labeled "social," "environmental," and "economic" holding up roof labeled "sustainability." Text under green image reads "Environmental Management contributes to the "Environmental" pillar of sustainable development."

In 2013, Utilities Department implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the ISO14001 standard. The ISO14001 EMS enables the Utility to evaluate the environmental impacts of water, wastewater and storm water operations and provides a framework for managing those impacts. The EMS is used to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, and drive down costs.

Having an EMS provides assurance to internal and external stakeholders that bottom-line environmental impact is being considered and quantified, contributing to the environmental pillar of sustainable development.

Blue NSF symbol  on white background reading NSF-ISR with "Registered to ISO 14001" in box below.The Public Utilities Department Environmental Management System was verified by an independent, third party auditor and certified to the ISO 14001 standard in 2016.

Please email us for more information about the Public Utilities ISO 14001 EMS or call 561-494-1074.