10,000 Trees in 10 Years

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 Two employees holding trees for giveaway

Trees produce oxygen, absorb air pollutants, reduce energy costs, and help fight climate change. Go Green and help us reach the goal of planting 10,000 trees in West Palm Beach by 2025.

Helpful tips to think about before planting a tree:

Learn more about Right Tree, Right Place principles.

Plant a tree properly! Learn how here.


Next tree giveaways:

Application required. Open to City of West Palm Beach residents and businesses

More tree giveaways will be scheduled throughout the year.

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*If your property is not located in the City of West Palm Beach, please visit Palm Beach County's Native Canopy webpage to learn more about their program and giveaways for Palm Beach County residents.


Upcoming Educational Workshops
  • To be rescheduled: Community Greening Educational Workshop on Green Jobs at the Henrietta Bridge Farm/Food Forest (1400 Henrietta Avenue)  

You can also schedule a tree giveaway for your neighborhood!

Learn more about trees and how to get your free tree

Neighborhoods and HOA's: contact Michael, or 561-804-4993 (TTY 800-955-8771) to schedule a giveaway at your neighborhood meeting.


Additional Education: 

The principles behind developing a Florida Friendly Landscape target water conservation while providing for a low-cost, low-maintenance, and attractive landscape option. To learn more about this landscape design, please visit the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Homeowner Program website.

For mobile friendly and informative landscape experience, please visit the University of Florida Extension IFAS mobile website. 

Click here to browse the Nine Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping Interactive Tutorial.


Tree Information

Dahoon Holly:

Slash Pine :

Southern Live Oak:

Red Maple:


Wild Tamarind:




Paradise Tree:


Redberry Stopper:

Simpson's Stopper:

Spanish Stopper:


Southern Cedar :