Sustainability Advisory Committee

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Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC)

Permanent City of West Palm Beach Sustainability Advisory Committee Established


A Sustainability Advisory Committee has been formed by the City of West Palm Beach, per Ordinance 4298-10. The focus of the Committee is to help advance the sustainability goals of the City, please see generalized goals below. The Committee was appointed by the Mayor for terms of two years and is composed of nine regular members that are residents or have their principal place of employment within the City. Please see Ordinance 4298-10 for more details.


Committee Members: Polly Daugherty, Chair; Elizabeth Badgett; Stewart W. Bosley, Jr.; Rod Braun; Dan Gittere; Christoper Savery; Mark Stempler; Allan J. Federman


General Goals:

(1) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, reduce waste, and employ environmentally-responsible products and technologies.

(2) Promote the use of methods, systems and materials that do not deplete natural land, water, and energy resources or harm natural cycles.

(3) Encourage the growth of green businesses and green jobs within the city, as well as the adoption of sustainable practices by existing businesses.

(4) Empower every resident of the city, regardless of social demographics or economic means, by informing city residents of practical and attainable ways to live sustainably.

(5) Lead by example as a green municipality.

(6) Work cooperatively with leaders in the nonprofit and academic communities, the private sector, the State of Florida, the federal government and local governments throughout Palm Beach County and South Florida in matters relating to sustainability.

(7) Encourage sustainability as an integral part of the future development of the city.

(8) Develop and implement a city-wide sustainability action plan.

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