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Call to Artists

City of West Palm Beach

Sunset Park


May 25 at 11:59pm EST




Open to professional visual artists, as defined in the City of West Palm Beach Code of Ordinances, in South Florida Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade Counties. Must be 18 years of age or older.


Sunset Park


3601 North Australian Ave., West Palm Beach 33407


The City of West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (“AiPP”) Committee requests qualifications from professional artists and/or professional artist teams to create a standalone artwork for Sunset Park. The selected artist(s) and/or team(s) will create an artwork that will contribute to the character of the park. The work should be serene, peaceful, and meditative in nature. Artists do not need to have public art experience.


An Artist shall design, fabricate, and install artwork.

Artwork could be 3-dimensional, abstract, or representational in nature. The artwork shall make a visual statement. The artwork must be durable, and resistant to outdoor weather and waterfront environments. Long-term maintenance must be minimal and assured by the appropriate selection and installation of materials. This Call is not for light sculptures.

If applicable, the artwork must comply with the current Florida Building Code and any other applicable permitting requirements.


The total budget established for this project shall not exceed $65,000.00. The budget must include the artist design fee, presentation expenses, travel, fabrication, delivery, installation, insurance, permit fees, and all applicable taxes.


  • The proposed artwork is of high artistic quality.
  • Expressive: The proposed design is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.
  • The selected artist will work closely with community stakeholders.


DEADLINE May 25, 2020 11:59PM EST


  • Open to professional visual artists based in South Florida (Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, or Dade Counties).
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.


Applications must be submitted as one package digitally to include first and last name on submission and refer to Sunset Park in subject line.  A complete application must include the following:

1) Brief Artist Statement Describe your practice as an artist. (WORD Document please label with your first, last name.)

*At this time artists/artist teams are not invited to submit a concept proposal.

2) Resume (Max 2 pgs.) labeled first, last name

3) 10 Images of completed work (not more than five years) per application. Submit in .jpeg file format at 72 DPI less than 2MB file size. Each image should be labeled (first, last name)

4) Annotated Image List: Artist name, title of work, date, medium(s), dimensions, and location include a thumbnail image per artwork. (Label first, last name)


Qualification Review

City staff will review submissions for completeness and compliance with eligibility requirements. Staff may reject incomplete applications or nonresponsive or unqualified submissions.



It is anticipated that a sub-committee of key stakeholders from the local community will review applications and give feedback to the City’s AiPP Committee. The AiPP Committee will shortlist up to three artists. Shortlisted artists will receive a proposal honorarium and allowance for travel-related expenses and will be invited to attend a site visit and artist orientation meeting. The AiPP Committee will make a recommendation for final approval to the City Commission.



1. Develop and refine artistic concepts and designs with community, staff and key stakeholders working on the project.

2. Develop final drawings, presentation materials, and other visual and written items.

5. Present concepts and designs to committees, boards, community groups, and others.

6. Conduct three (3) community meetings (activities) within a 15-day period.

7. Provide documents showing approvals from all the appropriate entities (AiPP Project Manager) involved in the project.

8. Participate in an ongoing design review and modification process with input from the city staff, designers, key stake holders, and appropriate city committees.

9. Provide bi-monthly (every 2 weeks) email updates to City staff.

10. Develop a maintenance plan (manual) for the artwork.

11. Design an informational plaque.


*The City reserves the right to change these dates as deemed necessary.

Call to Artists Released and Promoted

April 2020

Application deadline

May 25, 2020

Sub-committee review


AiPP Committee review and selection of short-listed artists

Anticipated June 2020

Short-listed artists informational meeting

July 2020

Artist draft proposals due to project manager for review

Anticipated early September 2020

Proposal review and feedback


Short-list artists presentations and finalist recommendations

October 2020

City Commission – Final approval


Selected artists -Notice to proceed

December2020/January 2021

Artist – Design phase completion

March 2021

Artist fabrication and final installment

Fall 2021



Art in Public Places

The West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (AiPP) Program seeks to create public art that encourages artistic exploration, infuses creativity into the City's diverse neighborhoods, celebrates the City's historical richness and embraces art as an integral part of everyday life, transforming the City into a local, national, and international destination.

For further information:

Contact Sybille Welter at and include in the subject line Sunset Park Call to Artists.



The selected Artist will be required to sign a contract with The City of West Palm Beach.

The Agreement will also contain the following terms and conditions:

  • The selected artist will be responsible for collaborating with the community to develop and refine the design as part of the contractual agreement. Selected artist shall conduct three community engagement meetings during a fifteen-day period prior to final design concept approval.
  • The selected artist will be required to have a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy naming the City of West Palm Beach, its commissioners, employees, and agents as additional insured; and workers compensations insurance (unless waived) during the design and installation of the artwork.
  • A payment schedule will be outlined in the contract with a third of the budget retained until satisfactory completion of the installation.
  • The selected artist shall obtain any necessary permits required by the City for construction and installation of the artwork.
  • Project shall be completed no later than Fall 2021.
  • The artist shall conduct operations under the contract in a manner to avoid theft or damage by vandalism or other means to the artwork or artist’s equipment, while under artist’s control.
  • The artist will be required to submit a maintenance plan for the artwork.
  • The City shall have the right to determine when and if repairs and restorations to the artwork will be made. When the artwork deteriorates to the point that the City finds it no longer benefits the neighborhood, the City shall have the right to remove the artwork.
  • The artist will warrant that the artwork shall be the result of original artistic effort of the artist and that, unless otherwise stipulated, the artwork shall be unique, an edition of one.
  • Title to the completed artwork shall vest in the City. Artist shall transfer all rights of ownership in the artwork to City. Artist shall specifically waive and release all rights, including all right of attribution or integrity, which artist may have in the artwork as provided by 17 U.S.C. §§106A and 113(d). The artist shall acknowledge and affirm that pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §106A(e) such waiver and release shall be effective as to all uses foreseeable and unforeseeable for which such artwork might be subject. The artist shall waive and assign to City all copyrights under 17 U.S.C. §101, et seq., and all other rights in the artwork. Artist shall represent to City that the artist alone is possessed of the rights transferred or waived above and that the artist is lawfully entitled to transfer or waive all such rights.
  • Artist shall acknowledge that the artwork shall be installed on public property in view of the public. During the installation of the artwork, the artist shall specifically grant to the City the right to make presentations of the artwork in progress and/or to photograph or otherwise reproduce faithful images of the artwork in progress for presentational and media purposes. Presentation(s) of the artwork in progress may be conducted by the City without specific approval of the artist.
  • Artist shall adhere to the safety requirements outlined in Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA);(See while working on site.



Proposers should rely exclusively on their own site investigations for development of proposals, concepts and means and methods of installation/fabrication. This Call is being provided by the City without any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, as to its content, accuracy or completeness and no proposer or other party shall have recourse to the City if any information herein contained shall be inaccurate or incomplete.

This Call is made subject to correction of errors, omissions, or withdrawal without notice.

No warranty or representation is made by the City that any proposal conforming to these requirements will be selected for consideration, negotiation, or approval. The City is under no obligation to award a commission for artwork based on the proposals submitted. The City may withdraw or cancel this Call at any time without any liability or obligation on the part of the City the AiPP. In its sole discretion, the City, through its AiPP Committee may determine the qualifications of any artist submitting proposals. The City and Proposer will be bound only when a proposal, as it may be modified, is approved, and accepted by the City and the applicable contract is approved by the City Commission and executed and delivered by the artist and the City.

Site Specifications:

sunset park site

17’ x 17’ sq. ft space.

Diameter of foundation if applicable may not to exceed 17’

Locates have been completed and there are no water or storm lines

Electrical is available on site at 240 Volts. Will require step down transformer.

sunset park site 2

sunset park site 3

Frequently Asked Questions                                       

Sunset Park RFQ (Request for Qualifications)

If you submit as a team do all the applicants need to reside in South Florida?

Yes, all applicants need to show proof of residency in any of the following county’s: Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe.

If I apply with another artist should each of us submit and individual application even though we will work together? Or do we need to be on the same application?

Artist teams of no more than two artists should submit one joint application. When applying as a team select one representative for the application. Resumes should be combined into one document with a max of two (2) pages per artist. For examples of past work both artists work should be submitted, simply note the artist name in the image and corresponding annotated list.

May I submit proposal ideas?

Currently, we are not accepting proposals. This is a request for qualifications only. We encourage you to submit any completed work that demonstrates your artistic practice and abilities. Describing past projects, materials, if you are considering moving away from your typical media or considering varied materials that are supported by your chosen images would be beneficial for the committee to further understand your process and how it would build off and differ from your prior work.

May I go and see the site?

Yes, the park is open to the public. Parking is available off-site. *Short-listed artist will be encouraged to consider the site creatively and understand what other elements could enhance the space.

 Will I have an opportunity to meet the community?

If shortlisted, you will have an opportunity to meet with the community. Once the artist is selected we will ensure that artist is able to develop relationships with the community, and a proposal will grow out of these discussions and subsequent community engagement activities.

Will community engagement be part of the proposal/design process?

Short-listed artist will first engage with the community to develop the proposal. The community engagement process should deeply inform the design proposal of the artwork. The selected artist contractually will lead no less than three community engagement activities with the community to further their design. 

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