Evacuation Routes

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An evacuation plan is important if you live in a flood zone or you feel your home won't be safe under storm conditions. If you choose to leave the area completely it is important to have belongings gathered and a plan in place to get your family out safely.


Before The Storm

  • Select a few possible destinations in different areas. Hurricanes and their possible paths are unpredictable, so having several widely-spaced destinations will help you get to safety quickly.
  • Plan your possible routes. Major arteries like I-95 and Florida's Turnpike will be very busy, so alternate routes may speed your travels.
  • Make sure your car is in proper repair. A breakdown while evacuating is a headache you should try to avoid.
  • Fill up whenever you can. Remember that gas may become harder to get as the storm approaches.
  • Reserve, confirm and prepay your hotel room at your destination. This is good insurance your room will be waiting when you arrive.

Map of Evacuation routes

Take a look at an interactive map of evacuation routes provided by Palm Beach County.