COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and how it impacts us in West Palm Beach.

What is the Governor’s Stay at Home Order?
What is allowed and what is prohibited under the Governor’s Stay at Home Order?
Has a curfew been put in place for the City of West Palm Beach?
Is West Palm Beach City Hall open?
Are public meetings still taking place?
Are City of West Palm Beach parks and recreational facilities open?
What other closures and changes exist for City locations, events, and activities?
What is the West Palm Beach COVID-19 Response Unit
How are City utilities and services impacted?
How do I pay my utility bill on time?
Where can I get local information on what is happening in the City of West Palm Beach?
Can I get unemployment benefits if I’ve lost my job or my hours have been reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic?
What is the City of West Palm Beach doing to help local businesses?
What Federal and State Resources are available to support small businesses?
What programs are available to help residents having difficulty paying rent?
Where can I go for assistance if I’m having trouble affording my utility bills?
Where can I find more information on food assistance?
What is COVID-19?
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
How does COVID-19 spread?
How can you protect yourself?
Who is at the greatest risk of getting severely ill?
What should you do?
What do I do if I am sick?
Where can I get tested?
How do I get more information and updates on COVID-19?
How can I volunteer my time or donate to help my community?