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The City of West Palm Beach COVID-19 Response Unit was established by West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James in March of 2020 to supplement the City’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. The unit may be the first of its kind in the State of Florida and the nation.

In cooperation with the City Commission and the private sector, the unit helps to identify community needs and expand City resources during this emergency. The unit supports the work already being done by the City’s emergency management team to support the health and public safety of our community.

The unit is a collaborative effort receiving guidance and oversight from the City’s emergency management team and input from national crisis management experts. The unit takes models and best practices from other cities and looks ahead to what things will be needed.

The unit is comprised of several teams that are comprised of City leaders, City staff, and members of the private sector with expertise in a dedicated field. The teams, their leaders, and focus areas are:

  • Housing and Homeless Group, led by Commissioner Cory Neering. 
  • Programs to help those experiencing financial hardships to say in their home.
  • Shelter and support programs for the homeless and those who cannot go home due to quarantine issues.

  • Economic Support and Recovery Group, led by Commissioner Kelly Shoaf. 

  • Small business and job relief programs and services, and
  • Recovery strategies including regulatory and permitting issues.

  • The Seniors, Children and Families Group, led by Commissioner Joe Peduzzi. 

  • Coordination with local and state agencies, including our schools.
  • Resources, programming and safety and support strategies for our most vulnerable communities.

  • The Food, Water and Medicine Group, led by Commissioner Christy Fox. 

  • Identifying sponsorship and relief programs, and
  • Coordination of services, programs and solutions to help those who need help now.

  • The Community Services and Volunteer Engagement Group, led by Commission President Christina Lambert. 

  • Neighborhood services, good neighbor programs, and consumer tips and strategies, and
  • Coordination of volunteer services and opportunities.

  • The Non-profits and Faith-Based Outreach Group, led by Former Mayor Jeri Muoio. 

  •  Coordination with our non-profits and outreach, and
  • Supporting our faith-based communities and recovery strategies.