Mayor's Village Initiative Overview

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Mayor's Village Initiative

The Mayor’s Village Initiative is a City of West Palm Beach effort to improve the experiences of young African American males 25 years old and younger living in the Historic Northwest, Coleman Park and Pleasant City. These three neighborhoods located in the north end of West Palm Beach are disproportionately impacted by violence, crime, and social/economic disadvantages.

Our Village

Government agencies, businesses, concerned citizens, the faith community, nonprofits, healthcare, philanthropy, schools, young African American men and boys, and YOU! 

Five Pillars of MVI


Crime Prevention & Intervention

Keep young African American males in the target neighborhoods alive and out of jail.
  • Strengthen prevention efforts to deter entry into thecriminal justice system.
  • Increase outreach and communication around interventionafter entry into the criminal justice system.
  • Align all services to create opportunities to prevent crime.

Reentry & the Justice System

Reduce the overrepresentation of young African American males in the criminal justice system
  • Determine why young African American males are rearrested in these neighborhoods.
  • Create a new team of reentry professionals to focus on these neighborhoods.
  • To provide transitional jobs for young African American males returning from incarceration.

Employment & Training

Assist young African American males in obtaining training, employment and a sustainable income
  • Promote and develop training programs.
  • Secure employment opportunities for young African American males.
  • Engage businesses to employ more young African American males.


Improve educational achievement for young African American males
  • Embed cultural competency within the instructional    practices in and out of the classroom.
  • Identify, increase or create after-school opportunities for high school students.
  • Increase access to post-secondary opportunities.


Improve mental and physical health outcomes in the north end of West Palm Beach prioritizing African American males.
  • Locate current resources and gather an inventory of services provided in the community
  • Redefine health in the african american community based on resident input
  • Communicating healthier behaviors to include a cultural competency lens