Office of Community Engagement

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The City of West Palm Beach Office of Community Engagement’s mission is to foster meaningful two-way engagement with the public to achieve outcomes that enhance the public realm and that are sensitive and responsive to neighborhood values and concerns.


While providing a first-rate customer service experience in interaction and transactions with its citizens, the Office is primarily responsible for:

  • Developing coordination strategies for the delivery of City services and programs to meet the needs of citizens in the City of West Palm Beach’s neighborhoods. 


  • Planning and implementing neighborhood outreach programs and services designed to maintain the quality of life in the City neighborhoods and improve citizen interactions with the public realm along with improving upon the manner in which the City receives citizen input.


  • Neighborhood Associations-Responsible for neighborhood/homeowner’s associations communications to provide association presidents and leaders with information on projects and initiatives in their neighborhoods, respond to questions and concerns, improve neighborhood disaster preparedness and response and coordinate city staff presentations at neighborhood meetings. Also includes intake and approval of neighborhood association events assistance and beautification grants. A simple process to request a City representative is available.


  • Public Meetings- In conjunction with City Communications and Department Directors help coordinate public outreach meetings where feedback and/or information sharing is needed. This will include coordinating meeting rooms or outside of city hall locations, assistance with meeting facilitation and messaging and distribution of meeting announcements.


  • Public Realm- Reviewing and providing recommendations for outdoor city projects where there is an impact on the public realm for the purposes of creating spaces that encourage positive public interactions. This includes all public spaces including parks, plazas, sidewalks and other public sites where citizens are likely to interact with the space on foot or through micro mobility. Also includes pilot projects meant to create positive public interactions and the measuring of public interactions on city public spaces.


  • Mayor's Village Initiative- Programs and collaborative efforts that help to prevent violence and encourage positive outcomes for youth and young adults located within the northend of the city.



Wendy Morse- Manager, Office of Public Engagement

Kevin Jones- Coordinator of Community Initiatives for the Mayor’s Village Initiative/Northend programs

Jose Tagle-Neighborhood Coordinator

Support- Alex Sanderson, Clerical Specialist