Clematis Streetscape

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Clematis 300, trolley bike 

Clematis Streetscape is a project that puts people first. Initiated in 2018, the downtown revitalization project has moved forward with a phased approach to improving the City’s historic Clematis Street. The project uses modern infrastructure and vibrant design elements to create a more enjoyable user experience. Improvements include wider sidewalks, more shade trees, and narrowed traffic lanes to induce traffic calming. It aims to better connect the community by creating an easier to walk, healthier and overall more enjoyable downtown core.

The project was broken down into three phases and is now more than 50 percent complete. Similar to the first two phases, the third and final phase started with a public meeting period to discuss scheduled improvements to the 400 and 500 blocks. The City amended the Phase III construction schedule to move up the project timeline in light of COVID-19. Construction began on April 6, 2020 and crews aim to complete the project by Labor Day 2020.

While not yet fully finished, the design is already award-winning. The design won the People’s Choice Award at the 2019 Safe Streets Summit.

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