Emergency Medical Services

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The City of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue has provided Basic and Advanced Life Support to the citizens of the city since 1975. Approximately 90% of all operational personnel are trained to the Paramedic level and the remaining 10% are Emergency Medical Technicians or EMT. 

All West Palm Beach Fire Rescue apparatus (Engines, Ladders, Squad and Rescues) are Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified and are capable of providing the latest treatments and interventions in advanced emergency medicine.

West Palm Beach Fire Rescue currently staffs ten ALS Rescue/Transport units on a 24 hour basis responding to approximately 27,000 emergency calls per year. West Palm Beach Fire Rescue personnel are cross trained as Paramedics, EMT’s, Firefighters, Special Operation’s Technicians, Hazardous Materials Technicians and Dive Rescue Specialists. They respond to a variety of emergency incidents and provide the citizens with the highest level of Emergency Medical Services available.  

West Palm Beach Fire Rescue is at the forefront of Emergency Medical Services. The services provided to the citizens of West Palm Beach is the best nationwide. The Emergency Medical Department treats trauma related emergencies, respiratory arrest, diabetic emergencies and cardiac arrest, at which West Palm Beach Fire Rescue has some of the best cardiac arrest resuscitation save percentages in the United States.